Beach Wedding Dress - Ways To Achieve A Sexy Look For Your Dress

Published: 30th May 2007
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Sexy walks a fine line between being genuinely attractive and being just plain cheap. Even slits have a limit when it comes to good taste. Remember Elizabeth Hurley's crotch-revealing gown when she went to a wedding? And she wasn't even the bride! She got away with it but, as beautiful as Ms. Hurley is, the antic left many of the guests with a bad memory of the affair.

Sexy is about showing your curves, all your good parts and still keeping enough from plain view to keep everyone guessing. And that is something you can do with your beach wedding dress. So which areas of the body should you expose and better yet, how much?

One thing to remember when picking your sexy beach wedding dress is to consider which parts of your body you are most proud of. If you have curves like a guitar, a fitting bodice can show them off nicely. If your legs are to-die for, a short dress or a slit that goes halfway up your thighs is a great way to wear a sexy beach wedding dress. The trick is finding one or two areas you can emphasize and allowing the rest of your body to play up your best asset.

Beach wedding dresses also require your arms to go uncovered. That enough is already sexy. If you're wearing a long beach wedding dress, show off your neck and shoulders by tying back your hair in an upswept hairdo and wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder gown. Or go for minimal yet sexy skin exposure with a halter neck. A halter neck will show off toned shoulders and some skin on the front torso and upper back.

A sexy beach wedding dress can also work well with a low-cut back. If your back looks as sexy as Hilary Swank's or Nicole Kidman's, wear a sleeveless, scoop neck and a plunging back. Any style will do - the wide V-cut to reveal nice shoulder blades and just skim your lower back or a shy slit that can run straight from the nape of your neck to the small of your back, revealing your skin only when a breeze blows it slightly open.

And what's a sexy beach wedding dress without the cleavage? Maximize your curves with a midriff-skimming bustier or if you're a little shy, wear a demure beach wedding dress with a little peep hole in front.

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